24 February 2009

In Treatment: Episodes 1-2

Genre: Drama

finally! In Treatment!
i've been waiting for ages to lay my hands on these series!
yes, i'd known this series since 2007. where the news about it first came out. not after the Golden Globe winning, unlike some people *yes, i'm being a bitch here*.

In Treatment ... well, as the title the series is about a therapy session of a psychiatrist, Paul, and his patients. each episode is half an hour long, and it reflects one session. so you will only find two people on each episode. at least, that's what i've seen so far. every patient has each problem of their own. and the set was simply in the doctor's house. entering from the front door and exiting from the back door. i like that.

you will join the doctor to listen every story given from his patient.
the first episode i've seen were about this girl who was in an unstable relationship with his boyfriend, until one night she had a chance to cheat on him, out of her pressure of the relationship, but she didn't do it. and what was the actual reson for her not doing so.

the second episode was about a navy soldier whose lastt task was to drop a bomb on an area, that was actually where a madrasah been held. the bomb killed sixteen children. curiously, after the task was done he went back to the post and sleep 'like a baby'. he claimed that he had no guilty concious whatsoever, and felt nothign when his face was spreaded around the net, and he was searched for killing the children.
instead he took a jog with his best friend, a doctor and also gay. suddenly he "died". without a light tunnel and no flashes of earlier life before his eyes. somehow, he went back to life and came to meet Paul. the actual reason for the soldier, Alex [wtf?!], to met Paul [WTF?!] was to have an advice. Alex was planning gong back to the site of the madrasah that he bombed.

Paul was dead clever. at one point, you would think that he was asking all the standard procedures a psychiatrist would say. but, he was not. he listens. he would listen, ask some somewhat sounded silly and lame question. but then, in the end, BAM! he would make a comment that hit the very target of the problem. not entirely, still the surface, but it hits.

and guess, what made it more interesting for me.
Paul has his own psychiatrist.

when it was aired on HBO last year, the series was played five nights a week. one episode for one session on the same day it aired.

i need more episodes!!
i need more of Mr. Byrne!!


Resti Purniandi said...

I need to see it! Pinjem? Esok? Pretty please...:)

aku eLmo kamu siapa said...

gyehehehhe ... boleh boleh ... err .. day after tomorrow?
i'll copy it for you :p

Resti Purniandi said...

Asikkk, thanks a lot :)

aku eLmo kamu siapa said...

no worries! ^_^

Sherrie Sevianda said...

sama velvet goldmine titipan saya.. gw juga nitip film ini.. dvdnya gw ganti dahhh.. huehuehuheeee..
yah? yah? yah?

aku eLmo kamu siapa said...

hoiyaa ... XD
oke oke ...

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