23 June 2010

Being Human [tv.2008-current]

Genre: Cult

"it's not us that are monsters, it's THEM! i can't believe it took me this long to figure it out!"

imagine having those line delivered from a "vegetarian" vampire, who tried all his might living among us. humans.

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, my current addiction in TV-series area, Being Human.

the story centred around three friends spiced up with supernatural issue. Mitchell [Aidan Turner], George [Russell Tovey] and Annie [Lenora Crichlow]. a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost respectfully. they shared a flat in quiet city of Bristol, Mitchell and George working in a local hospital. while Annie, since she can't do much in the neighbourhood now that she's a ghost, she stayed at home, taking care of the house, and making tea. lots of them. they live each day as normal as possible, while keeping low profile about their true self.

but, each one of them had their own demon to face. Mitchell is playing cat and mouse with a league of ancient vampire, trying to summon him to the dark side, living ye olde lifestyle of an undead bloodsucker, drinking from human. George still coping to the fate that he was bitten by a werewolf when he was on holiday in Scotland, and having a cruel transformation every month that might harm peple around him. and Annie was trying to figure out what went wrong in her death, that made her stayed back in limbo. and wondering if the relationship between her fiancee, Owen [Gregg Chillin] and the girl she always had suspicion of.

as other British series [that i've seen so far], it filled with spectacular scripts, fantastic dialogues and fabulous sense of dark humour. each character got their own uniqueness, and to be really honest, it's hard to pick which one to like the most. in characters, but since i'm one shallow bitch, i'll go for Mitchell. he's hot. and adorable!

the three of them was quite an item - yes in threes, not twos - it's hard to see any of them got a significant other. the romances between them is so strong, it had filled their own cup for the whole episodes!

so, if you're a fan for series such as The X-Files and Supernatural, i would recommend this for you.

thanks to Sup who brought this up during our chat in Bandung.

ps. Images taken from Google Image Search.


rendy imandita said...

serialnya beda banget ama seri amerika. tiap 10 menit ganti permasalahan. dan ga ada korelasinya. lucu, dark dan satir

aku eLmo kamu siapa said...

yep. and those bloody Americans are making a US version.

lindung ganteng said...

Main di endopisyen nggak ya.....??

rendy imandita said...

Lawakan england jarang masup tipi sini n emrik

aku eLmo kamu siapa said...

kayanya jarang ya series BBC masup TV cable mari.
content nya agak2 harsh soalnya.
walopun belum seekstrim Saw sih.

fickle boon said...

kamu udah liat yg sisen 2 beloomm??
gw penasaran niihh.. gagal mulu donlotnya!

aku eLmo kamu siapa said...

ada nih aku DVDnya. baru nonton 2 eps sih hihi.
di RatPlaz ada koq, Chan ^^

fickle boon said...

heee... sisen 2 udah adaaaaaaa???
baiklah, aku meluncur ke ratplaz! makacii elmoooooo

aku eLmo kamu siapa said...

ihiy.... kau suka juga toh series ini?
cerdas ya ceritanyaaaa...

jun ogawa said...

jun love the series too *sumber dr sup also :P* Episode pilotnya oke bgt yak?! Langsung disuguhin George yg lg kebelet brubah. Hilarious! XD

aku eLmo kamu siapa said...

iya XD
gw kira pada ngungsi kemana mereka, taunya cuma keluar flat XD
dan George nyari tempat berubah ujudnya kocak XD

fickle boon said...

iyah, yg sisen 1 kemaren donlot, soale gak nemu dimana-mana hueheuheue... ceritanya oke!

rendy imandita said...

echan...nonton modern family juga dehhhh.... LUCU!!!!!!

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