19 May 2013

Yes, It Really, Really, Really Did Happened!

Around fifteen years ago, my generation was invaded by the British rush. All of the sudden, each and every kind of entertainment from the monarch of Union Jack seemed acceptable to my third world country

Name it, movie, music, books, and many more.
So, what can you expect from an announcement that says one of the greatest Britpop band by the name of Blur will be having a show in Jakarta?
Yes, a bunch of thirty-something-and-over Britpop fans will go wild.

Including yours truly.

Who honestly knew very little of the other three bands who played before Blur, and yet still enjoying the show while defending the nice position in front of the stage and preparing the stamina for the four lads from London.

The band played in a music festival called Big Sound Festival, along with Van She, Tegan and Sara, and The Temper Trap. I have to say, though, I wasn’t really sure with having the playful electronic-dance Van She as  the first act at 5.30 in the afternoon, the crowd was not even there yet, and it’s still broad daylight to play their kind of music. I kinda feel bad to them.

Tegan and Sara was adorable! Probably the cutest twins I’ve ever seen since the Weasleys! To be really honest, I’m not really familiars with their songs, but I didn’t mind. They’re really cute, and had wonderful voices. 

By the way, did you see those cheekbones of theirs?
Major awesomeness! Imagine what you can cut with those features. The cheekbones sliced my heart as they walked away from the stage, for sure!

The Temper Trap did a brilliant job lifting up the atmosphere before Blur’s turn. I only knew two songs from them, one song that sometimes was played on the radio and that other song from a car’s advertisement (which later I found out, the very same song was used in (500 Days) of Summer movie). The bass player was like chipmunk on caffeine, but I do honestly love Dougy Mandagi’s voice. He got a unique voice, high pitched and beautiful. I feel proud having a band with an Indonesia bloke in it opening for the band I loved for the past fiften years.

After The Temper Trap went backstage, it’s time for the main reason most of the people at Lapangan D, Senayan were there that very day. 

It was very surreal to watch Dave Rowntree, Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Damon Albarn walked into the stage that was only six feet away from me. When I first discovered Blur, I never even dared to dream they would make a show in my country, let alone my city. But that night, May 15th 2013, they were there. Damon was singing so very close to me, and I can see all the sheepish smiles Alex threw to the audience (since when he became that handsome? Really? He looked like the lost brother of David Tennant!). Dave was hidden behind the drumset, but I can notice his head. Graham was all dark and looked cold. He smiled every now and then, but still scared me for some reasons.

Damon … my teenage crush, Damon.
Still looking good as ever. I can even see his gold tooth from where I stand. The only difference I saw from him is his chubbiness. Apart from that, nothing changed. The big blue eyes, the cheeky smile, the deep lazy voice. 
It’s him. 
A little bit taller than I remember, but it really was him.

The band opened with Girls and Boys. One of my favourite, and also around 872346832654629164 other people on that spot. We sang our lungs out, and people behind me pushed everytime we got to the reffrain. Fuck, I almost got a panic attack. Being a claustrophobe, and stuck in the middle of that many people, loads on my back and a bunch of media people between me and the stage. The first three songs were another adrenaline rush for me, besides the concert itself.

After the media peeps were hauled to the other side of the stage, I could finally really enjoy the concert with normal breathing. Well, still with one or two snaps to people behind me who kept pushing forward. Jesus! That was probably the first time I went to a concert where the audience totally pissed me off!

Beetlebum and Tender were the songs that made me miss my youth and all the drama. Ha!
A surprise from the band was Country House
No, I wasn’t talking about not expecting them playing that song, but Damon went down to the crowd and sing along with us!

Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
I was too excited and surprised to take a photo of Damon singing with us, but it was magical! Wild, yes, but magical! Come on! The awesome Damon Albarn was with us singing Country House, and I groped his hand.
Yes! This hand of mine not only had held Alex Kapranos’ hand, but also Damon Albarn now!

Next on the list: Brett Anderson, Matthew Bellamy, and Jarvis Cocker. David Bowie will be a bonus.

The encore was wonderful, The Universal really blew me away. I don’t think I could listen to that song the same way again. The intro, the reffrain, Damon’s voice, they were beautiful! Even better than I had expected from listening the Hyde Park version.

As if taking a day off from work, waiting in line two hours before the gate opened, and six hours before Blur actually stepped on the stage were not enough, my friend and I dashed to the hotel where they stayed in Jakarta, hoping to say hello, or maybe get some autographs and such. Sadly, they had to leave at the very wee hours on the next morning, so we only caught a glimpse of Damon in the bar, watching football, and he waved to us. 
He’s so lovely.

I might reignite my crush on him after that night.
And got myself crushing over Alex James.

Yes, most of my photos are Damon and Alex, because they were in front of me. Graham was on the otehr side of the stage, and Dave was way back with his drum kit. 

The concert was an ultimate Britpop party! Everybody had wonderful time watching our gods on the stage in our city with their songs. We sang along so very well to every song, all 19 of them.
And we even made Dave Rowntree surprised and tweets the following:

Fifteen years of loving and waiting finaly paid off. Really eFFing well!
Please come back :|

- Blur photo came from http://www.sziget.hu
- Tegan and Sara photo came from http://www.vanityfair.com
- Live photos are mine
- Dave's Tweet cap came from his Twitter account


Anonymous said...

uhuhuhu.. halo..
Nyasar ke sini dan jadi pengen nangis lagi inget konsernya. Walaupun nggak keliatan jelas karna di reguler tapi it was one of the best night of my life.
Lengkaplah sudah masa mudaku xD

siriuslyelmo said...

Hai hai ...
agak2 susah move-on ya dari konser itu :')
thanks for reading yaaaa ^^

fickleboon said...

aahh... 15 tahun penantian... i feel you...

siriuslyelmo said...

Echan: hihihi ... kamu dan Laruku yaaa?
lalu abis nonton Laruku, hamil *menatap curiga*

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