19 May 2012

[Review] The Futurist

yes, THE Robert Downey Jr. hollywood's troubled prince.then.

probably as some of my friends had known, i've got a high interest on performing actors who also could sing well. for examples, Gary Oldman, Hugh Jackman, Jeremy Irons, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Ewan McGregor, Viggo Mortensen, Jim Carrey, and such. even the ones who are trying. and didn't go too well. such as Gabriel Byrne. nice voice, more or less, though.

the album first released back in '05 or '06, i forgot. but i saw it first time when i was still in adelaide. it took me the second glance to make sure that it actually is the Robert Downey Jr. surprisingly, it is him. singing, writing songs and designing the cover himself. fascinating.

the man took "jazz" for the genre of his first album. and he brought it well, both singing and song-writing. too well, indeed. his voice reminded me a lot to Dave Matthews, only deeper and sexier (even Duran Duran once invited him to open for them back in 2005, said Wikipedia). the songs were dark, probably from the experiences he got from the rehab?

there were two songs that i highly familiar with, Broken and Smile. i already got Broken from last year, when i still rely on Limewire on downloading songs. the song was beautifully dark. the lyrics were good as well. and Smile apparently was the song Downey Jr. sang in his movie, Chaplin. and the song was the original one that was written by Mr. Charlie Chaplin himself.

for me, this is a good album to listen to while relaxing in the bubbly bath tub with scented candles and a good glass of wine.
too bad i don't own a bath tub. nor a good bottle of wine.


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