19 May 2012

[Review] Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

yes, i finally watched it. after the long and dreadful wait, without any idea whether it will be played in our local cinema, because of the "musical yet barbaric" theme. [well, we've got SAW once, ferchrissakes!!]

as other Burton movies, this one was heaps fun to watch. the dark humour, the visuals and everything and the cinematography, as usual, was great. but, even though, i might dare to say that this one obviously not my favourite Burton work. i even found Corpse Bride was a better musical than this. and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was better in visual matter.

the songs were brilliant, funny, dark and entertaining [the duet of Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman was really superb!]. Johnny Depp was fantastic with his rocker voice! too fantastic, that he should soften a bit for this kind of movie. and as usual, the performing of Monsieur Depp was really breath-taking. the facial expression, body gestures, everything. spectacular. but, i still found that he could do more with the character Benjamin Barker/Sweeney Todd.

the visual somehow was not Burton-wise. perhaps it was the dvd i bought, but i found them were too shiny. watching Mr. Burton's previous movies, i've got the essence that he got the style of mixing various beautiful colours, that somehow would turned up having that monochromatic feel and matte/dove/doff. whatever it called. and when i watched Sweeney Todd, i found that the colours used were too bright and shinny.

but over all ... it was a nice movie.
probably won't be in my favourite Burton list. and probably the first one with Johnny Depp in it. but still, i admire Mr. Burton's work. and everyone involved.


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