20 May 2012

[Blog] Murder On The Kitchenfloor

the kitchen light was bright as i took out eggs from the fridge. i'm so hungry. and there was no proper food inside the fridge, so i decide to make myself an omelette. sprinkled with my Dad's diet cheese that i stole from the freezer.

i was beating the egg and the cheese, when it came out. walking slowly before my feet. it couldn't be not seeing me, since i was inches away from its nose. still, it was moving silently. as if knowing that i won't do any harm to it. and i actually won't. i don't see the point to do so. it sneaked under the rice container. i could see the long tail moving lazily.
didn't took me long to know what happened to the poor creature. my Mum's rodent-killer found another victim. and there i was standing, thinking it was being friendly to me and hoping i could give it a name.

not long after my parents came home from somewhere. the mouse decided to came out and meet my Mum. she shrieked and fly to her room upstairs. my egg is cooked. i took a plateful of rice, checking where did the mouse went. to find a drink. it's been poisoned. then i went upstairs to watch this cheesy indonesian horror.

i love white rice and omellete with cheese.


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