20 May 2012

[Blog] Words Are The Most Powerful Tool of Seduction

so Alexander Kapranos said. one of my favourite writer (along with Oscar Wilde, JRR. Tolkien and JK Rowling) and lyricist. the man who could make various conversations from a party in an art gallery to a sexually-ambiguous song called Do You Want To. and i agreed with him.

words fascinated me. the way an arrangement of letters could lead someone to a particular imagination of any kind. and how it would turned out the same of very different from one person to the next. How they could lead someone to love it, or to hate it.

they were also the very reason i could get attracted to a person. or not. i tend to judge someone by the way they talk. i like people who talk smart, polite and silly at the same time. people who talk rudely irritates me. but hypocritically, i could talk both idiocy and rudely myself whenever my Irish-temper was fused. even though, the unintelligent talks could only available to them, whom i felt comfortable the most. the ones whom i could feel i was being my very own, and they know me really well.

my adoration towards words-play had lead me to something else. writing. i’ve been writing ever since i was very young. it started with diaries. i used to kept a diary when i was young. i filled it almost everyday, right until i got to that point of thinking, that everything i wrote there was already happened, and i was retelling it. and i started to had “nothing special” on every leaf of my diary. until at one point, i totally stopped writing them and confide my youth to my poor memory. then i found another way of writing. as someone else. on a world parallel to the one i’m living in. and different time. or the same. i got myself into this utopia called “fan-fiction”. yes, i tend to write my stories with characters taken from people i like. using the real name. shamelessly.

and how deep i fell to the world of fan-fiction. i spend most of my pocket money buying exercise books, just for me to write. i wrote stories. same characters, different stories. loads of them. short stories became novel-like. fluffs became more complicated. i love writing. it’s like a therapy for me. or something.

then i found livejournal. through my dear cousin, Puni. it’s the same concept as diary. but it was less, very less, personal. many people could read it. i discovered the mean of writing to entertain. and there was an alien feeling in me when there was someone commenting my writings. a smile spread on my face, sometimes a chuckle. i felt like i want to do more. i want to entertain people more.

then, again, Puni told me about multiply. that’s where i met my other half, Suppi. from her, i learned very much more about writing to entertain people. and so i did. i wrote for myself. but, people could read it. sometimes. i’m a human. sometimes i want to write things for my own. in public place. where people could read it, but not necessarily they could understand it.

what am i doing?
i simply rambles.

ps. picture taken from ... i think, I THINK!,
French/German Rolling Stone. i can't quite remember.
someone from FFG scanned it.


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