20 May 2012

[Review] Supernatural Season 3

okay, so it's not a movie, but they don't have TV series there!
selama ditinggal orang tua gue kemaren, gue sakses menyelesaikan Supernatural season 3.
dan komen gue ... touching.

season ini bener2 touching. buat yg ngikutin, i assumed you all knew what happened to selingkuhan gue my other sex slave Dean Winchester. yup, jadi di season 3 ini the Winchester boys racing against time to do whatever it takes so we still can have Dean on the show.

Jensen Ackles: i still need to pay my rent, people!!
Dean: and i still want to be with my baby.
eLmo: *looks right* must ... not ... have ... kinky thoughts ... of Dean ... Jensen ... me ... inside ... Impala ...

ada 2 episodes yg menarik dari season ini, A Very Supernatural Christmas dan Ghostfacers.

Supernatural Christmas itu sangat mengharukan. gue paling miris pas Dean ngotot mau ngerayain Natal, dan Sam malah engga mau. they actually have the very same reason, tapi "extension"nya justru malah bertolak belakang sekali. bhu ... *bawa pulang Winchester boys, mandiin, kasih makan, boboin*

kalo yg Ghostfacers, gue suka konsepnya. Dean and Sam ga sengaja "terlibat" dalam sebuah acara reality show yg macam Dunia Lain gitu. sumpah kocak banget! gebleg.

as if having three hot and gorgeous men in this series is not enough [yes, three, ladies, don't forget the  source of all hotness, John Winchester, the father!], we will meet two other hot and gorgeous ... women in season three. Bela [Lauren Cohan] and Ruby [Katie Cassidy].

i love Bela. she's a dark haired bitch with an uber-sexy english accent.
damn woman! *spanks Bela*
Ruby was the blonde bitch. no, not as in i-wanna-kill blonde bitch. but demonic blonde bitch.



ps. pics came from everywhere in Google Image.


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