20 May 2012

[Blog] Words Are Poisoned Darts of Pleasures

some words of wisdom i found everywhere.
they might not be the exact words, unfortunately, but the meaning is still there.

“cinta itu buta! nafsu yang milih!” – Pon

“cinta sama benci bedanya tipis. cinta sama nafsu bedanya tipis. berarti benci sama nafsu itu bedanya tipis BUWANGET!”
“nafsu itu tidak mengenal gender!” – Sup

“i’m a gay man trapped in a straight girl’s body.”

“so L is for Lesbian, B is for Bisexual and G is for Gay. what’s T? Tentative?” – damn, i forgot who said this! –

“why are you kids so desperate to have sex? whatever happened to heavy petting?” – Desperate Housewives’s Edie Britt, God i love this woman! –

“demons i understand, people are just crazy!” – Supernatural’s Dean Winchester

“i think my life would be easier if i were a lesbian!” – Ashley, a friend from uni –

“do you know who’s gonna die? it’s fucking me! that woman put the poor bastard in jail for twelve years, then she set him free just to kill him!” – Gary Oldman to David Thewlis on Sirius Black’s death –

“i don’t think i would do what were in the song. but i obviously would sing it to women.” – Bryan Adams on his song Everything I Do –

“scene itu hampir membuat elu jadi lelaki gay beneran ya, Suy?” – Suppi on me watching the lesbian scene in Pirates 2 [not the Jack Sparrow one, mind you] –

him: aku diramal bakal bikin perahu ketika indonesia terserang banjir.
me: what? something like noah’s ark?
him: don’t ask me, aku cuma diramal! *ngakak*
me: *ngakak*
him: yah, anyway, kayanya kalo bener kejadian gitu, aku mau sortir penumpang deh. yang ganteng2 aja yg boleh masuk.
me: shallow abis!
him: biar. okay, kamu … kamu ganteng, masuk. kamu … kamu ga gitu ganteng, bisa bernang kan? okay, next! ya kamu yg ganteng masuk. kamu …. koq mukamu gitu? gak bisa bernang? yah, nasib. okay, next! ntar yg ceweqnya kamu aja yg boleh masuk.
me: *ngakak* that was so sweet, by the way .. aaawww …

and my favourite by far …

“foreplays are better than ejaculation.”

and who could be saying that?
yep, Alexander Kapranos.
bring it on, Alex!

ps. title came from Franz Ferdinand's Darts of Pleasures lyrics,
and pic of Alex came from the Franz Fan Girls forum


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