19 May 2012

[Review] Butterfly On The Wheel (Shattered: US title)


this movie might be the best thriller film i have ever seen. by this year. even though i admit, my two main reasons to watch it were Pierce Brosnan and Gerard Butler. but turned out their good looks were nothing compared to the whole package of the movie.

i could hardly take my eyes from the screen for the whole movie. it's fast, unpredictable, psychologically disturbing ... WICKED!!

the twist between the characters are spectacular! how a simple thing could lead to your worst nightmare. and how you could never judge someone from their appearance. that someone who seemed to have the world in their hands could fall down to a principal matter, and someone who seemed so simple could do something you never expected before.

the main idea of the case might be simple, but what comes with it was spectacular. the cast was brilliant. pierce brosnan was perfect as the psychopath maniac, he got that cold expression that could send shivers to the back of your neck. and gerard butler had not have the Leonidas look yet. he looked a bit ill, if i may say. definitely not leonidas-y.

Suppi!! lo harus nonton!! babeh gue melempar laki luh dengan mudahnya lalu raja spartan haus darah itu dipukuli!! ahuahauhha!!! ngerrriiii ... !!!
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