20 May 2012

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11 May 1945 - 16 October 2008

Bude ...
thank you for everything you did to me and my family
thank you for all the good memories, and i really mean ALL OF THEM, since they were all good memories when it comes to you
thank you for the nomad childhood sleepovers [Lembang, Singapore, Halim, Jogja, Triloka, Pondok Gede, and the hotels's invading ... hahaha ... ]
and i'm sorry that i never have the time to stay at your lovely home again
even when your big baby boy was here last month
thank you for making sure i'm having a fantastic time whenever i'm at your place, sleepover or not

Bude ...
did you know that most people who came to see you the last time
said that you were a really great person
you were a really lovely person
and no matter i tried to forgive, if there was any, flaws you did to me
i couldn't, because there was none
there were no flaws of you that i could think of
well, maybe there was, but they could never come to the surface over your loveliness

Bude ...
may you rest peacefully now
we all will help your children and grandkids to cheer Papa Uwing up
i'm gonna miss you ...


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