20 May 2012

[Blog] Virtual

isn't it amazing how communication had changed so fast?
what is distance to it now?
what came through celebrities and their fans?

i remember back then, i wrote [yes, WROTE, as in paper and pen] to Bryan Adams.
and i asked my cousin who got a duty in Vancouver to post it to his fanclub, so i could save on postal fare.
and how excited i was when Alex replied to my message on the band's myspace, showing off what i did with his picture.
and now, i could chat with them. well, not that i had did that. but i might. given the same time i would go online and them.

but, still, i miss the excitement of checking the mail box and found an envelope with my name and address on it. ripping the paper and read what was written inside, asking how was i doing, reading about the sender's activities, their stories and all that.
and for once, not some bills that i have to pay.


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