19 May 2012

[Review] Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

i think i just certified myself as an Indy fangirl ^_^

i would thank my beloved Mas Ditto [again] for introducing Indy to me. my first Indiana Jones movie was the third, Last Crusade, and i remember laughing my arse off thanks to the Jones boys antics. then i bought the trilogy. and ended up loving the series.

the fourth one was as grand as the previous ones. i love how it looked like as if it was made in the 80's, the jokes are so Indy, how he survived all lethal things happened to him by sheer luck and cheekiness [God, i really can't get over the "just get the rope" and "three waters falling" scenes!! they're so very hillarious!!]

what i felt while watching Crystal Skull probably the same as when i watch Ocean's 12. it's like a big summer camp reunion. everybody was having fun with what they had years ago, and this was the perfect moment to go nostalgic. even the newcomer, Shia Lebouf ... Lebuf ... Lebaouf ... LaBeouf [how to spell your name, boy?!] and Cate Blanchett were having great times of their own.

Cate Blanchett was really hot in that short dark wig and Russian accent. she reminded me a lot to Gary Oldman as the hijacker in Air Force One .... with Harrison Ford?! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

okay, i love this movie. period. i want to watch it again!!


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