19 May 2012

[Review] August Rush

my first acknowledgment of this movie was few months ago, when i saw the trailers and clips on the television. ever since i fell in love with it. yes, because of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Freddie Highmore factors, indeed. moreover to know that both of them would play guitars and Jonathan would provide his singing voice, once more after the fantastic Velvet Goldmine. i didn't quite catch the storyline of it at first, but the visuals (apart from the beautiful people in it) were beautiful. and Robin Williams also stars in it. this should be one good movie.

and finally, i watched it few days ago with my sister. at home. what i've got from it was more than "good". it's better, warming and beautiful.

it was a very long time ago i've got my chest warmed from a movie called Evelyn, and the very same feeling came rushing again as i watched this movie. the casts gave superb performances. the visuals were gorgeously captured, every second, every minute went perfectly well with the storyline. and the soundtrack ... the music, the songs ... spectacular.

August Rush tells a story about a young boy named Evan Taylor, who was craving to meet his parents again, by following the music his parents made and from voices he hears around him that could connected him to them. Evan was blessed with the gift to hear the "sounds" around him as "music". he was the one who could listen to the sounds made by the noisy traffic in NYC as a spirited bold orchestra. and i envied him for it.

itw as in NYC, where Evan got his name August Rush. a street artist (looked like a cowboy Bono, and portrayed amazingly by the great Robin Williams!) gave him that name when he found that Evan got a fantastic gift with music and sounds, and he would do good as a busker, or a performing artist even.

Evan's parents, Louis and Lyla, met on a beautiful full-mooned night on a rooftop of a building. they were escaping from the party downstairs, and instead found each other. serenaded by the song Moondance from a harmonica played by a local busking artist, they spend the night there. and i envied them (well, her mostly, really!).

i really love the contrast between Louis and Lyla, from musical background, as the movie was mostly about music and the life of Evan. Louis was the lead singer and guitarist of an indie rock band, as Lyla was a cello player from Jilliard music school in an orchestra. it was divine how his ruggedness and her elegance collided.

the ending was a bit predictable, but i really like how the director visualised it.

next, i would review the soundtrack. i'm so in love with it.


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