19 May 2012

[Review] Sound Bites: Eating on Tour with Franz Ferdinand (Audio)

reading the lyrics of Franz Ferdinand's songs always raised eyebrows. both by the unknown meanings and the smartness of them. it's really interesting how various conversations from an art party in a gallery in Glasgow could lead to an ambiguously bisexual song titled Do You Want To.

then the same man who wrote it made a book about food while touring the world with the band. and he read it on BBC's Book Of The Week.

disguised as a travel journal, Sound Bites tells us about various cuisines that had passed the path of Franz Ferdinand, especially Alex Kapranos, a former chef in Scotland and today's world-famous vocalist, from fugu-fish in Japan to bull's testicles in Argentina.

the way Alex described the meals he had was elegantly sensual, yet it's perfectly placed. it was highly exaggerated, yet it's a spot-on. it was witty, yet it's also curiously amusing.

maybe he was the first person who could make a five-year-old boy's birthday cake sounded so sexy. a fugu fish is something that would be perfect for your fore-play sessions. or perhaps, inviting six-thousand people to have dinner in the lobby of the hotel you're staying sounded like a perfect revenge for the manager.

he could made us feel as if we were there with him experiencing the same travels, foods and feelings. it even comes reflexively to one's mouth the ticklish tingling sensation caused by his allergy to peanuts.

this book was obviously made for the Greek-Scot's velvet voice that was complimented with a seductive English accent with a slight touch of Scottish. every page he read was like a bedtime story-telling. every words slipped out in an innocent sensual way from his tongue and lips. it's hard to keep patience for him to read the next page, and the one after that, and the next after that.

i really can't wait to get my hands on the proper form of this book.

my biggest mistake while listening to the four-part BBC reading was ... doing it in the broad daylight in Ramadhan month.


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