19 May 2012

[Review] Dead Fish

okay, i might have a terrible taste for movies, but i found this one really interesting and entertaining. Gary Oldman as this love-sick hitman. no, don't picture Leon, please. picture someone like ... Christian. yes, of Moulin Rouge!, but instead of a playwright, he's a hitman. a professional one. hillarious. he even sing in this movie, that Gary. bloody beautiful voice.

it's a bit silly this movie actually, the hitman helped a young woman whose boyfriend's mobile she was using got stolen. he fell completely in love with her at the very second, she was upset because she just found out that she's pregnant with her boyfriend.

the assassin's phone and the soon-to-be father's were swapped.

there were also Robert Carlyle and Billy Zane here. Robert Carlyle was this debt-collector bitch who couldn't stop screaming and swearing in his thick scottish accent. lovely. and Billy Zane was slightly gay. they gave superb performance, really. i still wonder why many people think this movie sucks?

it's fast-paced with that British witty humour. fast moving camera, sharp and sassy dialogues, dramatic visualisations, set in London. well, it could easily pass as one of Guy Ritchie's lovechild, but it was made by a German [who influenced by British movies, i suppose]. nice. i had a good laugh watching it.


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